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Q. Do we need to supply our own teaching materials for my child?
A. No. Teaching material is supplied by the Saturday Tuition School. However, exercise books, pens and pencils should be supplied by the pupil. back to top >

Q.I have more than one child that I wish to enrol into the Saturday Tuition School. Is there any discount for this?
A. Yes. There are discounts available for brothers and sisters. Please email or phone the Central Office.
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Q. Can the Saturday Tuition School help my child who is doing entrance exams/ GCSE exams and is struggling with certain areas in some subjects?

A. At the Saturday Tuition School, we can help target those areas a pupil is currently having difficulties with. Pupils are encouraged to bring in their school books and we will help to reinforce their understanding of these areas. The school has numerous Pass Papers that can help prepare pupils for these examinations. back to top >

Q. Can my child do only one subject in a session?

A. No. A session can be split into two so the pupil can study two subjects (e.g. Maths and English) instead of one. back to top >

Q. I wish to prepare my child for 11+ Examinations ? Can you help me with this

A.Yes. We can help pupils with all facets of the 11+ examinations (e.g. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning). Additionally, we have practice papers for pupils. back to top >

Q. How do parents receive feedback at the Saturday school ?

A. Due to the friendly and informal nature of the Saturday School, teachers are always available to discuss the progress of pupils. back to top >

Q. How is work planned for each pupil ?
A. When a pupil starts the Saturday skill, they are given an assessment test. From this we can then determine the areas of which they need help. Additionally, we encourage parents and pupils to bring in school work of which they are having problems with. back to top >

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