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As parents will be aware, there are a variety of Grammar and independent schools that select candidates by examination. Although different schools have differing formats, their examinations will include some or all of the following:
  • verbal\non-verbal reasoning
  • English (Creative writing & comprehension)
  • Mathematics
The Saturday Tuition School can help you and your child prepare for these 11+ examinations. We have successfuly helped numerous pupils on successfully entering their schools of choice.
We have a large library of Entrance & 11 + practice papers (Verbal & non verbal reasoning). As practice is the key to success to any examination, we work through these practice papers with the pupils giving them guidance all the way through.
GCSE exmainations are taken at Year 11 but sometimes pupils can take English\Mathematics at Year 10.
Based on teacher's reports & SATs results, students will be directed to study for either Foundation, Intermediate or the Higher GCSE examinations.
Techniques, preparation, practice and familiarity in style of question are the ingredients to achieve sucessful grades.The Saturday Tuition School has a selection of Pass Papers for the differing Examination Boards. We can work through these papers with te students showing them techniques on how to answer questions.
SATs (Standard Assessment Tests)
Unlike 11+ or GCSE examinations, you cannot pass or faill the SATS tests. They are tests that pupils sit at the end of Key Stage 1,2 & 3 and are used as a measure of a pupil's progress at school. However, in conjunction with teacher's reports the results of SATS can determine how pupils are entered into different streams during their educational years.
By focussing on key areas, we have successfully helped improve student's SATs results and subsequently increased their confidence..
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